Blended Families: Protecting your loved ones.

Blended Families: Protecting your loved ones.

The simple definition of a blended family is a family that consists of two adults and the child or children from previous relationships. In a blended family, inheritance planning to properly provide for your loved ones can prove tricky. How do you organise your assets to ensure your new spouse or partner is provided for while also protecting inheritance for your own children? If you do not take steps to put the proper legal documentation in place, there is no guarantee that what you want to happen will actually happen! Relying on your spouse or children to 'work it out' is risky and can lead to upset, family conflicts and financial hardship. It can also lead to lengthy and costly legal battles.

One of the biggest myths in English law is that by living together you acquire rights as "a common law husband or wife" This is completely untrue but for many people they only discover this on the death of one of the couple or on the relationship breaking down.

On Tuesday 19th September, we held a family law and private client briefing at our Norwich office. During the briefing, Caroline Eaton (Family Law Solicitor) and Jennifer Nash (Wills, Trusts and Probate Solicitor) highlighted several options how you can protect yourself and your loved ones with forward planning, having the correctly legal documents in place and how we can assist with:

  • Inheritance – the difference between married and unmarried couples
  • Estate Planning – what challenges do blended families face?
  • Updating your Will - protecting your own children and providing for your new spouse
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Pre-nuptial agreements – not just for the rich and famous
  • What happens if when a relationship breaks down?
  • How we can assist, using case studies as illustrations

Click here to download the slides from the briefing.

Feedback from delegates:

'Excellently presented & clear. Timing and venue very good, and length of talks ideal.'

'After thinking a previous seminar was good, it seems they continually get better!'

'Thank you for hosting and delivering a very interesting and helpful Breakfast Briefing this morning.'

At Clapham & Collinge our team of expert Wills, Trusts and Probate solicitors have a wealth of legal experience, to guide and support you through Inheritance planning and updating your Will and our family law advice is bespoke, confidential and totally designed around you.

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