Economic and Political uncertainty: What does it mean to my business?

Economic and Political uncertainty: What does it mean to my business?

There's no denying that owning and operating a business is not for the faint hearted. Today's business owners have a wide range of rules and regulations to adhere to, whilst ensuring the business is turning a profit in what can be considered a volatile economy.

The past couple of years have seen events that have resulted in uncertain times from a political and economic perspective, but will this have an impact on your business or who you do business with?

Aimed at business owners and key decision makers, Clapham & Collinge Solicitors, Barclays and Integro Languages held a breakfast seminar on the changing landscape for businesses in Norfolk.


During the briefing, Glen Webster (Area Business Manager for East Anglia at Barclays) Tom Bool (Founder of Integro Languages) and Jade Tinney (Commercial Solicitor at Clapham & Collinge) highlighted what we know about Brexit, how it may affect your company, international trading and the legal and practical ways to protect yourself and your business: The briefing included:

  • Current economic climate
  • Business strategy – Certainty in an uncertain world
  • Adapting to your market
  • A method for low risk foreign market testing online
  • Starting in the right place and saving money on the translation process
  • Safeguarding your business using shareholders'/partnership agreements
  • Forward Planning – how to use legal documentation to minimise risk to your business

Click here to download the slides from the briefing.

Feedback from delegates:

''Subject brought to life and reality''

''The expansion in other countries model was great. The second speaker in particular couldn't have been more relevant to what we have been discussing recently in the company. Thanks for putting on a great event. All speakers very interesting.''

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