Freehold Sales and Purchases

Freehold Sales and Purchases

Freehold Sales

When selling a freehold property the sooner you instruct your solicitor or legal advisor the more smoothly the matter can proceed. Once you instruct us we will supply you with the forms which need to be completed by you. Whilst we cannot complete the forms for you we can assist you with their completion.

The foundation of conveyancing always rested on the premise of "caveat emptor" or "buyer beware." As a result of recent changes in the law, that rule is changing and it is therefore important that you reveal what you know about the property you are selling and also produce all documents that you hold in respect of it.

Freehold Purchases

When purchasing a freehold property we rely on the information supplied by the seller's solicitor so if you know something about the property that is important to you please tell us.

Upon receipt of the contract pack from the seller's solicitor we undertake all the necessary pre-exchange searches and raise such enquiries as are necessary in order to enable us to provide you with comprehensive reports on the property that you are proposing to buy.

If obtaining a mortgage we will be able to act for you and your lender providing we are on the lender's panel. If we act for your lender, we also have obligations to them and may have to report matters that you would prefer us not to report.

It is our job to ensure you do not commit to purchase a property until you are happy with all the information you have received and are aware of any risks you may face.

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