• Financial Remedy in Family Proceedings: Maintain or Bust

    Financial Remedy in Family Proceedings: Maintain or Bust

    Very occasionally there crops up a divorce case (or more specifically, the financial element to a divorce case) which attracts the attention of the national media and gets whipped up into a frenzy due to the extraordinary facts surrounding...

  • Attorneys over-stepping the mark

    Attorneys over-stepping the mark

    Cases involving Attorneys acting outside their authority, through excessive and inappropriate gifting, or poor investment decisions are becoming increasingly common-place.The Court of Protection, which is referred cases from the Office of t...

  • Lin Whitehead appointed Panel Deputy

    Lin Whitehead appointed Panel Deputy

    On 1st June 2015 the Court of Protection published a new list of panel deputies. We are delighted to announce that our very own Lin Whitehead was appointed to the panel, covering Norfolk and Suffolk.The list of panel deputies is a group of...

  • Action on Elder Abuse

    Action on Elder Abuse

    Research has shown that elderly abuse, neglect, violence, and exploitation is one of the biggest issues facing senior citizens and it is a growing problem. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15th June 2015 highlighted the fact that nearly £...

  • 'Dementia dismantled my father's personality'

    'Dementia dismantled my father's personality'

    In a recent article published by The Guardian, Christopher Eccleston described how 'dementia dismantled my father's personality' and talks through his experience of his father having dementia. A poignant tribute to his father, which really...

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