Animal charities take Will dispute to Supreme Court

Animal charities take Will dispute to Supreme Court

One of the most highly debated cases of this decade is on its way up to the Supreme Court. The case involves the estate of a mother who chose to leave her assets (worth approx. £500,000) to three charities, rather than to her estranged daughter.

The case has already been through the courts several times – resulting in numerous different decisions made by the Judges on its journey. The most recent hearing hit the headlines in 2015 when the Court of Appeal awarded the estranged daughter £143,000 from the estate – this was against the wishes of her late mother. Today, the Court of Appeal gave permission for three charities involved to take their argument to the Supreme Court to challenge this decision.

The decision in 2015 has had some commentators questioning the principle of testamentary freedom we have previously enjoyed. Some will be hoping that the Supreme Court take the opportunity to rectify what they feel was an unwelcome decision in 2015.

In any event, this case demonstrates the struggle the Courts have had in dealing with the estranged daughter's claim and highlights the uncertainty of outcome in claims of this kind.

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