​Clapham & Collinge launch first ever Winter Vacation Scheme

​Clapham & Collinge launch first ever Winter Vacation Scheme

In December 2023, Clapham & Collinge were pleased to launch our first ever Winter Vacation Scheme, offering law students the chance to gain real work experience and transferable legal skills, within a dynamic, forward-thinking firm.

From the 18th - 21st December, two law students from the University of East Anglia took part in our first placement week, at our Norwich office. Throughout the week, the students undertook tasks set by various departments, including commercial, litigation, conveyancing, family law, private client, personal injury, and marketing.

On their last day taking part in the scheme, the students were asked to write a summary of their time with the firm. Some of their comments are included below.

'I had high expectations for the vac scheme, and I was not disappointed. I have always admired positive workspaces such as the one which C&C has; not just in the department that I was working in, but throughout the entire firm. It is difficult for law students, throughout their degree, to get work experience at all, but C&C has had a massive impact on me, and I will credit any of my future success to them.'

'Having studied family relationships last semester, it was interesting and beneficial to see these areas work in practice. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to complete private client work and corporate tasks, as these are areas of interest to me.'

'All the team got involved in making me feel welcome, and I received excellent.

feedback which will be beneficial to my work in the future. Everyone during the week was eager to talk to me and assist me at any point. Overall, my time with Clapham and Collinge has been unforgettable. I am immensely grateful for the experience and would advise others looking for a friendly, professional, and insightful firm to apply to Clapham and Collinge.'

'I am a firm believer that the law firm, as a name, that hosts a vac scheme only makes up a small part of the overall value of one; most of the value of a scheme is the utensils that it provides you with, the work that it exposes you to, and the opportunities to network with people who are extremely talented in their work and can serve as inspirations for your own career; all of which were provided by C&C.'

The second week of our Winter Scheme runs from 8th - 11th January, when the team are looking forward to welcoming another law student to the firm.

Our annual Summer Vacation Scheme will also be returning for 2024. Taking place between 24th June and 30th August, we will be offering ten law students a week-long placement each at our Norwich office.

Applications will open on 1st May and close on 31st May 2024. Further information to follow in early spring.