Buying, selling or thinking about it?

Buying, selling or thinking about it?

COVID-19 and our ever changing world is creating new challenges for us all and more importantly, new methods of overcoming those challenges. Who knew a few months ago we would all be so agile with our working and our use of technology. Whilst some aspects of our lives have come to a standstill, did you know we are still able to buy and sell houses?

As a firm, we have made adaptions to enable us to continue to provide you with our best service even during this lockdown period. The Land Registry have also implemented new rules to assist you and us in continuing with conveyancing transactions as much as possible during this time.

For example, your conveyancer can verify your identity by way of an online video call during lockdown and in the event you are self-isolating as a result of the Land Registry temporarily amending their rules.

It is important however that if you are midway through a transaction and you need to sign a form and have it witnessed, the Law Commission have confirmed your witness must be physically present.

If your property needs to be registered at the Land Registry, new directions have been published that allow conveyancers to send in copies of your deeds and documents with the application for first registration. Each copy of the deed or document must bear the appropriate certification of the Conveyancer. As a result of this flexibility, applications can be dealt with remotely.

Selling your property

As restrictions begin to ease, we will work towards being in position where we are able to once again go to view properties. Many estate agents are taking virtual or video tours of properties so that potential purchasers are able to view the inside of the property from the comfort of their home.

Purchasing a property

Construction workers have this week begun to take steps towards returning to their sites to continue construction of new properties.

Exchange and completion during lockdown

The conveyancing process itself can take on average 6-8 weeks but of course the timescale will be dependent upon the facts of each individual matter. We are able to get the conveyancing process underway and proceed until the point of exchange during this lockdown period. Some clients have then chosen to place their transaction on hold until lockdown has been lifted. If you do chose to go ahead with completion during lockdown, this is currently permitted.

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*This article is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or other professional advice.