​Clapham & Collinge continue support with Inspired Women

​Clapham & Collinge continue support with Inspired Women

Inspired Youth is a social enterprise that aims to bring together local employers with local young people. They do this by actively encouraging discussions about skills and careers.

One of the projects that they run is the Inspired Women Mentoring Scheme. The scheme is designed to inspire young women in East Anglia and to broaden their career opportunities through local business professionals. The project commenced in 2015 and delivers the service to a number of schools in East Anglia.

Last week two of our paralegals, Emerald Priscott and Natalie Smith, attended the requisite safeguarding training to become involved in the above scheme which commences in November. They are both very excited about joining the project and could not resist getting involved with such an important project for the community.

"The thing that attracted us most to Inspired Women was that when we were that age there were so many strong successful women in our lives that helped us to be people we are today. If we can give even a shred of that to someone else, we'd be happy" said Emerald.

Emerald and Natalie will be involved with an 8 week project at a local school which will involve speaking to young women about everyday issues such as self-esteem, confidence and career opportunities. It will give the students and the female professional's opportunities to share experiences and challenges to assist young women in pursuing and achieving personal life or career goals.

The scheme also provides a support network for young women on the scheme after the scheme has finished. This gives young women the opportunity to contact business professionals regarding multiple issues such as help with a CV or how to prepare for an interview.

Andrea Smith, our Marketing Executive, was involved in the project last year:

"I am extremely pleased that Clapham and Collinge are continuing to support Inspired Youth and that Natalie and Emerald have enrolled onto the Inspired Women Mentoring Scheme. I was able to take part in the scheme last year and saw the huge difference it can make to young women's confidence. A much needed scheme in our community."

Clapham & Collinge are proud to have a long standing commitment in community engagement within Norfolk and provide the local support through a number of different means.

If you would like any further information about Inspired Women please visit their website - http://www.inspired-women.co.uk