Converting a Civil Partnership to a Marriage

Converting a Civil Partnership to a Marriage

Couples who had registered their Civil Partnership in England and Wales can now convert this to a marriage.

After initial criticism of the lack of romance involved in a purely administrative process, there are two options:

  • A standard conversion; or
  • A conversion followed by a ceremony

Under the standard conversion there is a straightforward administrative process where the civil partners attend an appointment at any Register Office and complete a Declaration with details about their Civil Partnership. A number of documents will need to be produced including the original Civil Partnership Certificate but subject to this a legal Declaration will be drawn up to be signed with the Registrar. The marriage is then registered and a Marriage Certificate will be issued. Initially the service is free of charge but there will be a fee for this in the future.

The conversion followed by a ceremony has two stages. The same administrative section as with the standard conversion but in addition the possibility of a ceremony at a venue where same sex couples are able to marry. Again following the ceremony the marriage will be registered and a Marriage Certificate issued. Fees will apply in relation to this fuller service.

Anyone that is in a Civil Partnership and considering converting to a marriage is recommended to contact their local Registrar for more information and guidance.

If you'd like further information on any of the above, contact our Head of Family Department, Neale Grearson on 01603 693500 or email