Legal Spring Clean

Legal Spring Clean

Why do we wait until New Year resolutions or spring to think about and make big decisions in our lives? Too busy. Scared. Other priorities. Whatever the reason we all do it!

Spring is one of those traditional times to take stock. Putting off big decisions can be dangerous. And that's particularly true with legal decisions that could affect the rest of your life or the lives of members of your family.

Half of people in the country don't have wills so on their death what happens to their assets is left to the arbitrary "intestacy" rules. Even fewer have a Lasting Power of Attorney so if they become incapable of dealing with their own finances no-one can step in to help.

One in two marriages end in divorce so pre-nuptial agreements are becoming an essential part of wedding planning.

Parents are lending money to children and their partners so they can buy a home and get on the property ladder but without their children thinking about what will happen if they split up. The Bank of Mum and Dad are now increasingly seeking a more commercial and less emotional approach to safeguarding financial arrangements for their children - and themselves.

Life is no longer simple! People have extended families. Receive inherited wealth. Live longer! So essential legal planning is an all the year necessity but we leave it to a Spring Clean to think about often difficult and unpalatable things.

Our Spring Clean Legal briefing will give people the opportunity to think about the options. And make decisions. Early. Prevention is better than cure so we will offer plenty of legal solutions to prevent bigger and worse problems happening in the future. Included will be an opportunity to ask questions of our panel of Solicitors who will be Neale Grearson (Partner and Head of Family Department), Rosemary Farman (Partner and Head of Property Department) and Joseph Keeping (Solicitor in Private Client Department).

The briefing will take place at The Cliftonville Hotel in Cromer on Thursday 23rd May from 4.00pm - 6.00pm, with light refreshments provided.

To book your place or for more information, please contact Andrea Smith on: 01263 823398 or email

*This article is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or other professional advice.

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