Sharing the care of your children – what should you do in these unprecedented times

Sharing the care of your children – what should you do in these unprecedented times

Most of us were confused after hearing the conflicting statements from our Government with the latest from Michael Gove on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday regarding shared care of children with divorced parents.

Whilst on the programme Mr Gove said "children should stay in the household that they are currently in. We should not have children moving between households". He said "if there can be contact through social media or non-physical contact then that should carry on".

Mr Gove has since tweeted to confirm "I wasn't clear enough earlier, apologies. To confirm – while children should not normally be moving between households, we recognise that this may be necessary when children who are under 18 move between separated parents. This is permissible and has been made clear in the guidance."

You should therefore continue with your existing arrangements regarding the shared care of your children until such time the Government says otherwise.

Communication and consideration

It is so important now more than ever to be understanding and flexible with your arrangements. The safety of your children should be paramount.

When making changes to arrangements and/or court orders, try to reach an agreement between you as parents. If you have a court order in place and you are unable to agree and you believe a change is in the best interests of your child, you will need to make an application to vary the existing order.

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