Tini Owens loses landmark Supreme Court divorce battle

Tini Owens loses landmark Supreme Court divorce battle

Today The Supreme Court rejected Tini Owen's appeal to divorce her millionaire husband, meaning she must remain married until 2020.

On Thursday 17th May, the highest Court in the country heard Ms Owen's Supreme Court appeal; the final step to decide whether Tini Owens is allowed to divorce her millionaire husband, Hugh Owens, following a lengthy process with multiple court hearings. The Judges retired to consider their verdict and today The Supreme Court unanimously rejected the appeal, reigniting further debate about whether the current legislation is suitable in modern society.

Mrs Owens' solicitor said she was "devastated" by the decision and "cannot move forward with her life". Supreme Court president Lady Hale said she found the case "very troubling" but it was not for judges to "change the law".

Nigel Shepherd, Resolution's past Chair and long-time campaigner for no fault divorce, said "In this day and age, it is outrageous that Mrs Owens – or anybody – is forced to remain trapped in a marriage, despite every judge involved in the case acknowledging it has come to an end in all but name. Today's judgment underlines just how vital it is that government now urgently reforms the divorce law."

Neale Grearson, Partner and Head of Family Law Department said "This verdict suggests many people will have to remain in loveless marriages in Norfolk. I am not sure that is good for anybody.

The biggest area of divorce now is for those in retirement often termed "saga divorces" because during a long marriage people change and often find that the person they married has become very different. Or they both have. Especially if after retirement they are together 24/7. Alternatively people often collude to agree the details of "blame" and unreasonable behaviour to achieve the outcome they want.

Marriage breakdown is often not a one way street but the Owens case suggests there must be many and detailed very serious allegations of unreasonable behaviour to achieve a divorce if one spouse does not want it. So the danger is divorce becomes even more bitter and emotive.''

The tale of Tini and Hugh – how did we get to this point? link to full article

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