Understanding Dementia and the Legal Consequences

Understanding Dementia and the Legal Consequences

Dementia costs the UK business economy £1.6 billion per year and 1 in 3 people over 65 will be diagnosed with the illness. During the briefing, Clapham & Collinge Solicitors in conjunction with AgeUK Norfolk delivered a training session for businesses and individuals including advice on recognising and handling the symptoms of dementia, tips on what you can do as an employer, advice on how to make your business dementia friendly and the legal consequences of dementia.


Included was:

  • Helping you understand what its like to live with dementia and the actions you can take
  • Recognising and handling the symptoms of dementia as a business owner or HR professional
  • Dealing with vulnerable family members, clients or employees
  • Powers of Attorney and when a Court of Protection Deputy is required
  • Wills and when it might be appropriate to apply for a Statutory Will

Understanding Dementia and the Legal Consequences slides available to download.

Feedback from delegates:

'Thank you for an excellent session. The section from AgeUK Norfolk was a real eye opener, being able to put yourself in the shoes of a client with dementia (and their family) is going to be an absolute must when dealing with the at retirement sector.

Lauren's session was informative without being dull. I think that you have hit on a winning combination with these seminars, and look forward to more!'

'Many thanks for a most enlightening training course on Dementia. It was exceptionally informative as well as being enjoyable.'

'I thought this was an excellent seminar and very informative.'

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