Are DIY Wills to blame for the increase in Probate Disputes?

Are DIY Wills to blame for the increase in Probate Disputes?

A recent article by the Law Gazette suggests that DIY Wills are being blamed on the increase of probate disputes. While DIY Wills might seem like a cost effective method, mistakes made in the document could be more susceptible to being contested. The main risks include; not being witnessed correctly, complex family situations such as blended families and second marriages, or a change of family circumstances.

Drafting a Will should give peace of mind and reassurance that your wishes will be respected in the future. The danger of DIY documents is that you are at risk of leaving your family with a costly legal minefield.

Emerald Priscott, Clapham & Collinge Family and Contested Probate Solicitor said "There has an undoubtedly been a rise in contested probate in recent years and there is much speculation on this. The growth in popularity of DIY Wills is likely to be linked. People often view them as a cheaper alternative with it being possible to pick up an off the shelf Will kit for as little as £20.00 but they can be riddled with potential problems. Although it may be cheaper in the short term it can be very costly later on down the line if errors are made.

We may also be seeing a rise due to the increased changes in the family structure. Blended families are more common than ever with many couples cohabiting, divorcing, remarrying and having children from previous relationships. Although these evolving structures are exciting and bring a new dynamic to family life, unfortunately, it also brings more scope for arguments especially after loved ones have passed away."

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