​Headway - Action for Brain Injury Week 2018

​Headway - Action for Brain Injury Week 2018

Headway the UK-wide charity that works with brain injury survivors and their families to improve life after acquired brain injury, have run another successful national campaign during Action for Brain Injury Week 2018.

Each year the campaign focuses on a different topic surrounding brain injury. Last year encouraged people to share expressions of how brain injury created 'A New Me, and asked people to be creative in sharing their expressions.

This year the campaign is titled 'You, me and brain injury' and highlighted the fact that brain injury doesn't just affect the individual but also their family, friends and colleagues, and can have a rippling effect on many different lives, in different ways. The campaign also focused on how those close to someone with a brain injury can help them adapt and regain a degree of confidence and independence.

Brain injury is generally misunderstood and people are left struggling at a difficult time without the support they need. One of the aims of the campaign is to raise awareness about the support and services that the charity offers so that anyone effected is not struggling in isolation.

Brain injuries could be as a result of an accident, stroke or tumour. Whilst these are the most common causes, they are not the only causes of an acquired brain injury (ABI). An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury caused to the brain that has happened after birth.

As an acquired brain injury (ABI) effects each individual differently, some people with a brain injury may be able to communicate similarly as they did prior to the acquired brain injury (ABI), whilst others may not.

How can Clapham & Collinge help you or the person you love who has an acquired brain injury (ABI)?

Lasting Power of Attorney

Having a Lasting Power of Attorney gives you the reassurance of knowing your wishes will be respected if at any time in the future you become unable to make decisions for yourself. If you have not been able to make a Lasting Power of Attorney prior to the acquired brain injury (ABI), it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't make one now, you just need to satisfy the legal tests for capacity. Our dedicated Lasting Powers of Attorney Solicitors are on hand to help you through this process.

If the person suffering from the acquired brain injury (ABI) is able to communicate what they need as they may once have done, then it may be possible for them to make a Lasting Power or Attorney. They would be able to nominate who they want to deal with their Property & Finances or Health & Welfare and set out specific instructions, or just an indication of their preferences.

Appointing a Deputy

Often it can be the case that the person suffering from the acquired brain injury (ABI) cannot communicate what they need as they may once have done. In this situation an application can be made to the Court of Protection to appoint someone to become that person's Deputy. It is more common that the Deputy will be appointed to deal with that person's Property & Finances as the court considers that medical professionals will act in the best interests of the person suffering from the acquired brain injury (ABI).

The Deputy can be a family member or friend, or it can be a professional such as a Solicitor. The Court may also choose to appoint one of their 71 Panel Deputies in some circumstances. Lin Whitehead, Partner and Head of Private Client is one of these Panel Deputies. Lin acts for a number of clients who lack capacity to deal with their own affairs, including those who have suffered from an acquired brain injury (ABI). Lin also assists family and friends in their application to become Deputy.

Personal Injury Claims/Clinical Negligence

We also represent individuals who have suffered a brain injury as a result of the negligence of another or personal injury. It may be that an individual has an acquired brain injury (ABI) due to a mistake by a medical professional or by a negligent driver who causes a road traffic accident. Brain injury claims are extremely complex, requiring technical knowledge and expertise to ensure that any settlement is suited to the individual client's needs. Clapham & Collinge expert Clinical Negligence Department is well equipped to deal with such circumstances. Philip Lumb, Partner, has over 15 years' experience in areas of handling claims for personal injury and clinical negligence, including high value and complex cases.

At Clapham & Collinge Solicitors we are not only able to provide you with the best legal advice we are also able to provide you with emotional support through difficult times to put you in the best position possible going forward. To find out more or discuss your individual requirements in further detail, contact us today on 01603 693500 or email us using 'Make an enquiry' form. Appointments available at our Norwich, North Walsham and Sheringham offices.

*This article is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or other professional advice.