The Big Pinch on Personal Injury

The Big Pinch on Personal Injury

Since 2013 the Government has been working to reduce the number of personal injury claims and in turn the costs of car insurance by implementing various reforms, particularly for whiplash injury claims. So far, the saving for consumers is yet to be seen despite whiplash claims falling dramatically since 2020.

The reforms, coupled with the aftermath of the pandemic, has had a detrimental effect on the personal injury sector, and in the last fortnight Hampson Hughes and Pure Legal (two large law firms based in Merseyside) have become the latest casualties. Unfortunately, redundancies are likely to follow, and existing clients are likely to be allocated to alternative firms.

Figures suggest that since the pandemic there has been approximately 50,000 less personal injury claims submitted on the Ministry of Justice Portal System. So where have the claims gone?

Well, it could be a mixture of factors: not only did we all spend the majority of the last 18 months at home, off the road and out of the workplace, meaning our exposure to risk, accidents and injured was reduced, but the squeeze on the recovery of legal costs is likely to have put off claimants from bringing claims.

Whilst the Government intended the reforms and creation of the MOJ Portal System would persuade injuries parties to submit personal injury claims without legal representation, the actual number of claimants has been quite low. Whether this is due to technical difficulties using the Portal, or insurers making early settlement offers, it is clear the number of personal injury claims has reduced significantly.

This could mean thousands of injured people with a legitimate claim are not able to make it and obtain the compensation they are due.

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