• No fault divorce. What do the changes mean?

    No fault divorce. What do the changes mean?

    In April 2019, the Government announced that they would be ending "the blame game" to turn no-fault divorce from a concept to a reality. The current legal system forces couples to apportion blame in the breakdown of their marriage, even whe...

  • GDPR and Charities

    GDPR and Charities

    The General Data Protection Regulation came into operation on 25th May 2018. Charities have had mixed reactions to this and the new requirements to ensure that data is held securely. Charities are required to comply with the GDPR as with an...

  • ​Dementia Action Week 2019

    ​Dementia Action Week 2019

    Dementia currently affects 850,000 people in the UK and it is thought that 225,000 people will develop dementia this year. That's one every three minutes.At Clapham & Collinge we play our part in making Norfolk a more welcoming and help...

  • The Business of Charities: Employee or Volunteer

    The Business of Charities: Employee or Volunteer

    Their people are the most important asset of any organisation but especially charities who are very often dependant on volunteers. A big factor in charities looking to expand is how much to continue to rely on volunteers or to recruit paid...

  • Landlord Update April 2019

    Landlord Update April 2019

    As a residential landlord, you may be familiar with the procedure under section 21 of the Housing act 1988 to evict tenants. Section 21 is usually the preferred method of gaining possession due to its relatively quick and straightforward na...

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